Kurt Svendheim

The Power of Orange

Great projects come from team effort and an understanding of the local circumstances.

New Nordic Group International is a property development company. Today, they have expertise in finance, property development, food and beverage, retail and travel agencies. CEO, Kurt Svendheim, believes that the key to develop good projects is the team that your surround yourself with.

The Power of Orange.

For New Nordic Group, orange stand for energy, happiness and team effort. As a part of the work in Pattaya, the Group wants to spread the happy message of building up teams.

New Nordic Group has the eagerness to get involve in the community of which they are part of. They donated a New Nordic apartment to homeless in the community, assisting local charity projects and local positive initiatives.

New Nordic Group CEO Kurt Svendheim values education immensely and always on the lookout for new scholarship program. He is the pioneer of a program called “Orange Elephant Scholarship” which is supported by both Baan Jing Jai Pattaya and the Father Ray Foundation. He uses Elephant Dolls to sell throughout New Nordic properties. The proceeds of this scholarship program goes to 10 local students who will study English class every year.